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Our Sales Taxes were Done in a Jiffy!

As a high volume Mechanic Shop, we don’t want to spend too much time with taxes.. Ozfield came to the rescue! Not only are our taxes done promptly, they are done with ease. We get…


Income Taxes, not a Problem for Us!

Our insurance agency currently serves 1,000 clients Ozfield saves us time. Due to the complexities of reporting income on our insurance agency, we have opted to go with a smaller, yet knowledgable…


My Restaurant Business is Booming!

Our start-up pizzaria is doing better than we had originally expected. This is all due to Ozfield helping us with a cost basis analysis of all of our items. With more information, we were able to analyze the moneymakers on our menu and promote them more properly..


Our Non-profit Clinic is Saving a Fortune!

This is all money that would have otherwise gone down the drain.. Although we are a non-profit clinic, Ozfield has helped us stay in the black for the past 4 years. The professionalism with which our financials are presented as well as being able to analyze our business and find problem areas has been immeasurably useful.  Ozfield helped us identify departments that could be reimbursed at a higher rate and got it done…