COVID-19, Vergiler ve Diğer Gelişmeler

Değerli Özfield Müşterileri, Vergiler, finanslar ve sizin için özetlemeyi umduğum bireysel ve küçük işletmelerle alakalı birçok gelişme oldu. Bu gelişmeleri nasıl kullanabileceğinizi anlamanızda yardımcı olmak için bu makaleye linklerde ekleyeceğim. Gelişmeler oldukça sizinle paylaşacağız. Sevgi ve saygılarımla, Orkun… Read More

COVID-19, Taxes and Other Developments

Dear Ozfield Clients, There have been many developments regarding taxes, financials and other individual and small business-related news which I hope to summarize for you.  I will also be including links in this article to help you understand… Read More

Türkçe COVID-19 Mesajımız

Değerli Özfield Müşterileri, COVID-19 sebebiyle, birçok devlet çalışanı ve sağlık uzmanları sosyal mesafeyi korumamızı öneriyor. Bu olabildiğince dışarı çıkmamayı ve virüs kapmış yada taşıyanlardan uzak durmayı gerektiriyor. Özfield’da, ben ve çalışanlarım hala servisinize açığız. Ancak randevunuzu ertelemek, yada… Read More

Our COVID-19 Message

Dear Ozfield Clients, Due to COVID-19, many government officials and health experts are recommending social distancing.  This means staying home as much as possible to avoid contact with other people who might be exposed to the virus. At… Read More

Qualified Opportunity Zones

Qualified Opportunity Zones and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act I get many questions from clients regarding the new opportunity zones changes in the tax law. Without getting into any investment advice or tax advice, I’d like… Read More

1099 and 1096 due dates 2017

The new year comes with new filing deadlines for employers.  As of 2017, business owners will be required to file forms 1099-Misc and W2s by January 31 in order to avoid paying hefty late filing fees.  The filing dates… Read More

Minimum Income Requirements to File a Federal Tax Return – 2013

In this article, I’d like to inform you about the minimum income requirements to file a tax return for the tax year 2013. If you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien, you must file a return if… Read More

Cost of Hiring an Employee

You started your own business, and just as you predicted, it is doing well. But at the same time, you are stomped and you need help. After looking at salary sites for how much the market value of… Read More

Tax Questions

As an accountant, I often see clients who try to run their businesses based on advice received from unqualified 3rd parties and it makes me sad. Sad because over time, these businesses that could be thriving get hit… Read More

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