National Walking Day

The first Wednesday of April is National Walking Day. As such, go ahead and put on your most comfy shoes and go out to celebrate National Walking Day. Today encourages people to be healthy and reminds them that 10,000 steps… Read More

Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners’ Day

Small business is the backbone of our country, at Ozfield, we try to do our part in helping set up, and guide you through the Insurance and Tax aspects of owning a business. If you want to join… Read More

2022 Ramazan Imsakiyesi (Chicago)

2022 Chicago Ramazan Imsakiyesi

$300 Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficient Upgrades (Water Heater, etc)

The Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credits expired on December 31, 2021 and congress has not yet approved an extension. Despite this, if you upgraded your water heater, you may qualify for a $300 tax credit. That is $300… Read More

Stimulus Payments

We have received many calls regarding stimulus payments and variety of scenarios. Please use the following information taken directly from the IRS’ website to understand how these payments are calculated, if you are eligible and how you can… Read More

COVID-19 Info

We are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls to our office. If you’re trying to reach us by phone, you will have longer than usual wait times to speak to a representative. Please send an email to… Read More

COVID-19, Vergiler ve Diğer Gelişmeler

Değerli Özfield Müşterileri, Vergiler, finanslar ve sizin için özetlemeyi umduğum bireysel ve küçük işletmelerle alakalı birçok gelişme oldu. Bu gelişmeleri nasıl kullanabileceğinizi anlamanızda yardımcı olmak için bu makaleye linklerde ekleyeceğim. Gelişmeler oldukça sizinle paylaşacağız. Sevgi ve saygılarımla, Orkun… Read More

COVID-19, Taxes and Other Developments

Dear Ozfield Clients, There have been many developments regarding taxes, financials and other individual and small business-related news which I hope to summarize for you.  I will also be including links in this article to help you understand… Read More

Türkçe COVID-19 Mesajımız

Değerli Özfield Müşterileri, COVID-19 sebebiyle, birçok devlet çalışanı ve sağlık uzmanları sosyal mesafeyi korumamızı öneriyor. Bu olabildiğince dışarı çıkmamayı ve virüs kapmış yada taşıyanlardan uzak durmayı gerektiriyor. Özfield’da, ben ve çalışanlarım hala servisinize açığız. Ancak randevunuzu ertelemek, yada… Read More

Our COVID-19 Message

Dear Ozfield Clients, Due to COVID-19, many government officials and health experts are recommending social distancing.  This means staying home as much as possible to avoid contact with other people who might be exposed to the virus. At… Read More