Here at OZField, we strive for perfect customer service.  The sole purpose of our business is to provide services that’ll give you peace of mind.  The value we create for our clients not only saves you time, but it will also save you money as well.

Tax Preparation

Take our tax preparation services for example.  In 2011, we saved our clients on average 20% on their tax preparation needs.  We strive to maximize your refund, or reduce your tax obligations by considering the most recent changes in the tax code. As we stay up to date with new tax regulations, we also consider each unique situation and come up with the best strategy. We also provide audit support for our existing customers in the unlikely¹ case that they have the need.

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¹Currently only 1% of the population is audited therefore making it an
unlikely situation.

Author: Orkun Ozkaymak, CPA, MBA
Orkun Ozkaymak, CPA, MBA